Exercise For Weight Loss

Exercise Can Speed Up Weight Loss

The use of exercises in the process of losing weight has been in existence for as long as the world itself. I find that if you start walking just 20 minutes a day that this could be your ticket to speed up your weight loss. In fact, for a very long time, the only way to lose weight was working out. Intense exercises were preferred since they tended to attract much faster returns compared to other types of exercises. However, what is not common knowledge is the fact that some exercises tend to work much better for reducing weight when compared to others.

It is not uncommon to find that some people keep exercising but do not reduce in weight or size for that matter. This is testament to the fact that quite a number of people perform the wrong exercises and expect magical results. The right kind of exercises often lead to the right kind of result; however, there wrong kind of exercises only serves to make you fit and keep you healthy. This is why it is very important that people have the knowledge of the right kind of exercises to undertake when taking the road towards weight loss and a total life change.

How Much Exercise Is Needed For Weight Loss?

Weight LossOn average, experts advise that exercising for slim weight loss about 20 minutes every day is enough to keep your weight in check. For a number of people, this statement holds true. However, for the large percentage of people, a mere 20 minute’s everyday is not enough to get the weight loss to kick in. In fact for most people, exercising everyday or 3 times a week does not make any impact on the weight of the individual. Most of the professionals in this field argue that the bare minimum was set up as a way of encouraging those people who do not exercise to do just that, exercise. As such, for people who make the choice to lose some weight, then performing at the bare minimum does not suffice in any way. In essence, the amount of exercise that a person requires to lose weight is far more intense than what an average person goes through in a day. This begs the question, just what amount of exercise is enough for weight loss?   
This is a rather complicated question to answer in spite of its simplicity. The reason behind this complication is very simple, there are a few factors that come into play before such a decision can be conclusively made. To start with, we need to determine just what your goals are. If your goal is to lose a large amount of weight within a period of time, then it is quite possible that you will require more frequent and much more intense work out sessions. On the other hand, if your goal is to lose just a few pounds, then the type of exercises and the intensity of these exercises reduce considerably. On average, professionals in this field postulate that it takes about 16,000 kilojoules of energy to lose just half a kilogram of weight. From this simple statistic, it is quite possible to make the calculations on how much energy you will be required to spend before you can achieve your target. Following these simple figures, an individual will require at least 10 hours of walking at 5 kilometers per hour every week to lose 16,000 kilo joules. This means that if the person walks for more kilometers at the same speed or higher, then the likelihood of losing more weight is not far off. From these simple calculations it becomes much easier to understand the concept of work done and the weight lost. That is only the first part of equation; there are many other factors that often come into play during these situations. Some of these factors include the fitness levels of the individual and other factors like the motivation levels of such an individual. So you can begin to understand the complexity of this situation as well as the answer that stems thereof.

What Kind Of Exercise Is Best For Weight Loss

The kind of exercises that a professional prescribes is often mapped to the goals that have been set in the first place. This decision is normally informed by the person’s goals and the time period that has been set to achieve these goals. In addition, the professional may also look at other factors like your physique in choosing a proper plan. For instance, some people may use jogging as a way of cutting weight while some people may go the aerobics way. In some cases, particular parts of the body are taken into special consideration. This is usually the case for people with pot bellies such as new mothers and middle aged men who often have pot bellies.

Exercises And Weight Loss

Exercises and weight loss often go hand in hand. This is a proven fact. The employment of proper exercises in the bid to lose weight has been in existence for such a long time that most people may tend to forget the basics. While exercises only play a very large part in ensuring that a person’s weight is in check, there are other factors like taking in the proper diet, which help the situation a long. In most cases, a person choosing to use exercises as the way to lose weight is usually advised to have a stable diet that ensures the fats lost are replaced with much healthier body parts. For instance, consumption of lean salmon is normally thought to be a much better partner to the performance of exercises since salmon does not have the added drags of fats. Lean salmon is in fact one of the few foods that people willing to lose weight are advised to consume.
In the process of getting to proper body weight and seeing some weight loss it is usually advisable to start a cardio and weights workout program that seeks to ensure you lose weight evenly. A healthy weight loss program with Youngevity is often thought to be incomplete in the absence of a good exercise routine and a total life change. The use of weight training in collaboration with a proper cardio program is one of the best ways to lose weight. As is the case in most work outs, there are very many variations and forms that are in existence. However, any workout that serves to put stress on the muscle tone and increases heart rate is always said to be good for the body and helps with weight loss.
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